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2006 has had its share of ups and downs, but it's been pretty fucking fun.

January: New Years sucked ass.  I was with my girls Hannah, Renee, and Laura so it was all good.
February: Celebrated Valentine's with Nicole :)  Decided I hated this bitch who shall not be named. RENT changed my life.
March: The diagnosis.  Horrible month.  I could seriously fucked some people up.
April: Thrills... Spring Break in Key West with Nicole.
May: Hospital?
June: SAT.  Honduras 1.
July: Last of thrills... Honduras 2.
August: SENIOR BEGINS!!!  Football games :)
September: Turned in UF Early Decision. 
October:  Visit to UF with Joseph and Sarah.  Vincent's successful surprise birthday party.
November: pretty uneventful... the usual
December: My eighteenth birthday (which kinda sucked).  UF Acceptance.  Firsts for the opposites.  I still have a few days...

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