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i bring my laptop everywhere

so i'm in the dressing room of my show right now. i told you it was going down on 10/29. i woke up a little drunk so i just drove to edmundo's and he brought me here. our show is going pretty well... a lot better than i thought. some of the dances need work, but overall, i think we'll do AMAZING at competition.
last night i told daniel that i was happy he fucked her cause it acted as a catalyst of me letting him go.
OMG!!! so the surprise birthday party last night for vincent was sooOOOooo much fun. he had no "idea" of what was going on. he said he had a few hints, but whatever. i still can't believe his mom gave me the house key. im pissed at some stupid bitch though who told me that i shouldnt have thrown him a party cause im not his girlfriend. fuck her.

i have to go now. i cant believe im dancing in a state like this.
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