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Apot 2: i like that

dude!!! i fucking love the UF campus!!!  you don't even know about that.
it was soo much fun.  on friday we (sarah and her family AND joseph and his family) went to island of adventure and halloween horror nights.  on saturday we went on a UF Campus Tour at ten, which was way too fucking early, but it was amazing.  then at night we were eating shit and put tooth paste all over the bathroom while sarah was showering.  WAIT, i forgot about Bill and Ted's show at Universal which was really hilarious.  anyways, i realized that us three share a very contact oriented friendship... NO, not that type of contact, the type of contact where you push people in bushes OR throw a lint/hair brush at their head OR close the door on somebody's face OR punch people on their bruise, better yet, punch people till they get a bruise.  at night we went to this deee-licious hawaiian restaurant where they sang joey happy birthday.  this morning we went to the animal kingdom resort restaurant for this all you can eat breakfast which was da shiznit...
this is one of those trips that i'm never going to forget :)
and what?!
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