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the ele

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say whaaaa?!?! [20 May 2007|10:15am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

so last night i decided to take a little nap... that nap turned into me not waking up and missing renee and laura's party :(
that is just sad. life goes on.
hanging out at their house before the festivities began with julia was pretty surreal. it hit me ((again)) that we're going to college and completely in charge of ourselves. we drank, smoke, and ate as if it was nothing in the middle of the afternoon and i cannot wait till that becomes everyday reality.

IB is almost overwith. French this wednesday and i'm donezo. actually, AP English Lit. is on Friday, but whatever. i graduate in 11 days!


messing with the enemy [18 Apr 2007|06:08pm]
[ mood | sore ]

1. i love ice cream
2. i love dance
3. ice cream and dance don't go together
4. i love frozen pizza
5. i love movies
6. i love ayn rand
7. i love keats
8. i love my family
9. i love my friends ((my second family)).

1. got 5 days outdoor
2. almost went to school in honduras
3. lived with vincent for a week
4. amnesty film festival
6. juan carlos :D
7. dance
8. dance
9. school
10. dance

bleeding toes [10 Mar 2007|01:43pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

you ain't ever seen girls dance like this

Pop Up Video (I thought they cancelled this show) [18 Feb 2007|11:40am]
[ mood | happy ]

My life has been centered around two things, IB and Dance.
My French oral is on the twenty-seventh at fucking 7:30, which is complete and utter bullshit.

Starting March 15 life is gonna be the shit :D
Prom, Ultra, Grad Bash, State Leadership Conference, and living with friends for two weeks ((maybe some operas or plays))

Apocalypse Now - One of the best movies ever.
A Walk to Remember- Another one of the best movies ever.

Oh, I saw Breach yesterday; I want to have Ryan Phillippe's baby.  Chris Cooper doesn't get enough credit for being a great actor.

And that jimmy dean sun/moon commerical is hilarious

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it's all a science apart [27 Jan 2007|06:04pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i'm mad procrastinating right now... my history ia is due in less than five days and i only have fifteen note cards and an evaluation of sources. FUCK!

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2006 [28 Dec 2006|05:24pm]
[ mood | excited ]

2006 has had its share of ups and downs, but it's been pretty fucking fun.

January: New Years sucked ass.  I was with my girls Hannah, Renee, and Laura so it was all good.
February: Celebrated Valentine's with Nicole :)  Decided I hated this bitch who shall not be named. RENT changed my life.
March: The diagnosis.  Horrible month.  I could seriously fucked some people up.
April: Thrills... Spring Break in Key West with Nicole.
May: Hospital?
June: SAT.  Honduras 1.
July: Last of thrills... Honduras 2.
August: SENIOR BEGINS!!!  Football games :)
September: Turned in UF Early Decision. 
October:  Visit to UF with Joseph and Sarah.  Vincent's successful surprise birthday party.
November: pretty uneventful... the usual
December: My eighteenth birthday (which kinda sucked).  UF Acceptance.  Firsts for the opposites.  I still have a few days...

just gotta celebrate; dont stop the dancing [24 Dec 2006|11:06am]
[ mood | crazy ]

so my parents have been out of town since thursday... sure i missed them, but i had a kick ass time. i pretty much experienced college (without the homework, of course).
club relm + charity + the three muskateers + t3h cassi = getty at my house
i had like five beers and three shots!!! snaps for me cause i didn't get drunk.
i'm eighteen.

thursday: babel with margie. bought the first twelve pack with the twins.
friday: nutcracker and benihana's with vincent. random party at the key.
saturday: shopping mainly for myself; the parking lot was annoying as fuck, though. drove to doral to see deivid. did the "being fatties" ritual with charity. bought the two bottles of absolut and the second twelve pack. getty at my house :)
today: christmas eve. see my mommy and daddy.

yeah i farted. you jealous? 

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fucking assholes [16 Dec 2006|02:55pm]
don't assume
you make an ass of you and me.

happy fucking birthday to me.

there aint no way and im going to show you somehow [14 Dec 2006|06:21pm]
[ mood | content ]

i only have one paragraph left for my extended essay.
last friday i have to say was amazing :)
Math IA + Extended Essay + Midterms + Stress + Illness + Confusion = Not-So-Good Week... but tomorrow is friday and i am so fucking excited. all these assignments are going to be turned in and that is a large weight off of my shoulders.
another large wait off my shoulders is that fact that i'm officially a GATOR!!! w00t w00t

i'm going to go finish this shit.

happy birthday mommy :) :) :)

like oh my god [05 Dec 2006|02:11am]
[ mood | excited ]

i've never felt this way about ANYONE before. and i've known this person for what? four, maybe five days...

[02 Dec 2006|03:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

rock for relief kicked so much fucking ass. god, i love doing stuff like that. i'm super excited that i was apart of something sooo cool. i really hope that AIDS research makes some break throughs sometime soon.
i love hannah and cassi for being amazing band mates.
i love nicole and vincent for support our stupidity.
i love heavymetaldeath band.


UF early decision kids find out next week

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Give Thanks [24 Nov 2006|01:02am]
[ mood | mellow ]

God, thank you for :
1. giving me faith
2. my family. i would be lost without them. i see no need to become emotionally independent... they are just too good to me and i love them more than i love myself.
3. my intelligence. i hope that i will put it forth and make this world a better place.
4. my lifestyle. thank you for making life very comfortable. may i never take things for granted. i want to expose myself to things that are heart breaking so that itll give me the strength to help make a difference.
5. my health. despite all the set backs, i have no complaints. i know that there is no cure, but i can live with it.
6. my friends. to those who understand and to those who want to help.
7. sabine. for helping me through everything, from day 1.

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prevention : forget about it [18 Nov 2006|03:23pm]
[ mood | sore... my body hurts ]

it's bound to happen sometime

honestly, were you ready for it? no.

i'm ready to handle all those shit talkers. and those who don't do anything to stop it.


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growing pains [16 Nov 2006|09:48pm]
today has to be one of the happiest days of my life. ngawang choephel came to our school today!!! in case you don't know who he is, choephel was a prisoner of conscience. the chinese charged him of spying for the dalai lama when he was in fact making a documentary of tibetan culture. our amnesty chapter has come such a long way!!!

on another note, i'm confused. i dont know what the eff i want to do. i really want to be a human rights activist, like REALLY. at the same time, i REALLY REALLY wanna be a teacher. i just wanna make a motherfucking difference. is that too much to ask?

30 days till my birthday!!!

me gustas tu [11 Nov 2006|06:44pm]
[ mood | happy ]

homecoming was fun!!!
we lost last night :( fucking central dude. we were so close. out football team did really well, though. you guys are amazing.
i have a lot of homework... i keep thinking today is sunday, but it's saturday. hmm

before i go [07 Nov 2006|02:55pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I GET TO CHOREOGRAPH DESTINY BITCHESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"when i'm weak, i draw strength from you"

that person will come soon... but for now...

ugh [06 Nov 2006|02:44am]
[ mood | confused ]

i fucking hate highschool...
i want to be in college already.
i'm so fucking impatient.


i bring my laptop everywhere [29 Oct 2006|02:55pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

so i'm in the dressing room of my show right now. i told you it was going down on 10/29. i woke up a little drunk so i just drove to edmundo's and he brought me here. our show is going pretty well... a lot better than i thought. some of the dances need work, but overall, i think we'll do AMAZING at competition.
last night i told daniel that i was happy he fucked her cause it acted as a catalyst of me letting him go.
OMG!!! so the surprise birthday party last night for vincent was sooOOOooo much fun. he had no "idea" of what was going on. he said he had a few hints, but whatever. i still can't believe his mom gave me the house key. im pissed at some stupid bitch though who told me that i shouldnt have thrown him a party cause im not his girlfriend. fuck her.

i have to go now. i cant believe im dancing in a state like this.

hehehehe [25 Oct 2006|06:57pm]
[ mood | restless ]

i'm so devious :)
go me :)

sometimes i can't believe i write on this thing, but i do, so whatever.

i hate the fact that i don't have dance on wednesdays... it makes me feel out of sync.  hmmm..

Apot 2: i like that [22 Oct 2006|03:38pm]
[ mood | excited ]

dude!!! i fucking love the UF campus!!!  you don't even know about that.
it was soo much fun.  on friday we (sarah and her family AND joseph and his family) went to island of adventure and halloween horror nights.  on saturday we went on a UF Campus Tour at ten, which was way too fucking early, but it was amazing.  then at night we were eating shit and put tooth paste all over the bathroom while sarah was showering.  WAIT, i forgot about Bill and Ted's show at Universal which was really hilarious.  anyways, i realized that us three share a very contact oriented friendship... NO, not that type of contact, the type of contact where you push people in bushes OR throw a lint/hair brush at their head OR close the door on somebody's face OR punch people on their bruise, better yet, punch people till they get a bruise.  at night we went to this deee-licious hawaiian restaurant where they sang joey happy birthday.  this morning we went to the animal kingdom resort restaurant for this all you can eat breakfast which was da shiznit...
this is one of those trips that i'm never going to forget :)
and what?!

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