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just gotta celebrate; dont stop the dancing

so my parents have been out of town since thursday... sure i missed them, but i had a kick ass time. i pretty much experienced college (without the homework, of course).
club relm + charity + the three muskateers + t3h cassi = getty at my house
i had like five beers and three shots!!! snaps for me cause i didn't get drunk.
i'm eighteen.

thursday: babel with margie. bought the first twelve pack with the twins.
friday: nutcracker and benihana's with vincent. random party at the key.
saturday: shopping mainly for myself; the parking lot was annoying as fuck, though. drove to doral to see deivid. did the "being fatties" ritual with charity. bought the two bottles of absolut and the second twelve pack. getty at my house :)
today: christmas eve. see my mommy and daddy.

yeah i farted. you jealous? 

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